Table Top Grass Plants We Can’t Get Enough Of

Our table top sized faux plants at Vintage Home are perfect for adding little touches of greenery and light to your home without adding to your workload! With a selection of gorgeous and unique real-touch faux plants, you can dress up your home and make it your own cozy space.  Choose from faux grass plants, agave plants, succulents, and more. If you’re feeling like knocking out two birds with one stone, we also have plants that double as power charging stations! Whether you’re at home or work, your space should feel like a pleasure to occupy. Invite yourself into your everyday routine with something fresh and beautiful that stays with you all year long.


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36" Vintage Real Touch Faux Lemon Grass in a rope basket - perfect for indoor and outdoor summer décor
From $184.99
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33.5" Vintage Real Touch Faux Lemon Grass with white flowers in a rope basket - perfect for indoor and outdoor summer décor
From $165.99
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Everything You Need to Know About Ornamental Grass Plants

Ornamental grass first became popular in a modern sense in Europe around the turn of the century. As monocots, the family of plants that includes corn, palm trees, onion grass, and bamboo, artificial grass plants have been adopted worldwide by nearly every culture. Is there a wrong way to style a small faux grass plant? We would argue not—these well-crafted and lifelike selections are well-behaved, neutral, and ready to support any decor scheme. A small shelf, a hard-to-reach nook, and the tops of tall furniture make great homes for small grass plants, uplifting every room in your home.

Artificial grass plants are some of our favorites because they mimic the real thing flawlessly. They shine and delight up close or far away, providing a realistic and satisfying environmental experience that never feels fake or stale. Cropped grass planters, onion grass, and other ornamental favorites will instantly transform your most-loved places. Make each morning, afternoon, and evening a tranquil reverie you won’t ever want to leave. When it comes to table top grass plants, the possibilities are endless. With a broad spectrum of foliage quality, color, and character from which to choose, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable and high-quality through us.

Choose a faux grass plant according to your region, season, or preference. The best part of any artificial spray of greenery is that you’ll never need to worry about watering it, trimming it, or cleaning up after it. These hardy, attractive pieces withstand the test of time, serving as a quiet retreat from the ordinary that you can take advantage of at any time and anywhere.  A faux grass plant on your table top, kitchen counter, or your favorite place to unwind after a long day elevates the mood. Allowing for a green space in your world reduces stress, puts the mind at ease, and facilitates the production of feel-good hormones. Faux grass plants, minimal and aloof, are the perfect home decor.

Consider a Faux Grass Plant for Your Space

Browse bestsellers, all-time classics, and weekly specials on our site. We believe that a beautiful space enables us to thrive, which is why we hope you’ll consider some of our best in the way of a new faux grass plant for your home or office.