Decorative Faux Grass Plants

Do you want an elegant look, all without the hassle of maintaining natural plants? Transform your space into an idyllic oasis with faux grass in a planter—our collection of luxury home decor will make your search for the perfect indoor faux grass plant a breeze.


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36" Vintage Real Touch Faux Lemon Grass in a rope basket - perfect for indoor and outdoor summer décor
From $184.99
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33.5" Vintage Real Touch Faux Lemon Grass with white flowers in a rope basket - perfect for indoor and outdoor summer décor
From $165.99
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Faux Tall Grass Plants for Your Home

Why go with a faux grass plant when there’s a whole world of flashier, more extravagant options vying for your love? You might be surprised; these quiet, zen-like creations are hardly ones to fade quietly into the background.

We love decorative faux grass plants for their minimalism and dignity. Make the statement of a lifetime in rooms that may be a little ho-hum, or give your guests a visual reprieve in some of the busier parts of your home. In either case, you'll find that faux grass in a planter can stand strong both on its own or as an element of a larger ensemble of artificial sprays.

To us, balance is always essential. We love the more assertive superstars in our collection but know that some styles demand something more understated. That’s why we recommend finding a faux grass plant to act as the stylistic anchor of the room first, complementing one larger specimen with smaller accent planters throughout your space.

Faux tall grass plants work equally well on the floor in large, elegant vases on your desk or perhaps in a small wooden hutch. Because of the nature of the plants, they seek to imitate, decorative faux grass plants rarely come across as “fake-looking” or plastic. Fresh faux grass in a planter always appears bright and cheerful. Dried, weather-worn faux tall grass plants can provide a bit of seasonally-inspired flair when the weather takes a turn for the year.

Decorative faux grass plants are some of our best-selling items; they’re versatile, clean-looking, and come in wide varieties. These plants are the perfect place to start if you’ve never incorporated artificial plants into your abode's design.

Still Not Sure?

We can help—choosing a suitable faux grass in a planter isn’t always easy, but our team of design experts will know precisely what your home needs to shine.

Just when you think your home couldn’t be any more beautiful—the perfect faux grass plant can help you uplift every room, nook, and cranny. Size, cultivar, height, and container style can make or break your scheme. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of faux tall grass plants to consider, all backed by the quality and taste you trust.