Tall Faux Pampas Grass | 60”| Beige tall grass | Vintage Home


At Vintage home, we believe that every element of your décor should reflect your style and values. Our 19-inch stone planter accomplishes both with its captivating design and eco-friendly construction. Whether placed in your living room, patio, or garden, this planter becomes the canvas for your creativity while making a positive impact on the planet. Experience the beauty of sustainability today.

•Dimensions: 19 inches tall, 13.8 inches wide, perfect size for medium to large plants. Also compatible with live plants.

•Materials: Crafted using over 98% recycled materials, supporting sustainability without compromising durability and style.

•Durability: Say goodbye to dragging your faux/live plants inside, this planter is  Frost-resistant, suitable for all seasons, Making it a great planter for backyards or front entrances.


•Versatility: Planters neutral coloring offers endless styling possibilities,  Making it the perfect accessory not only for your home but as a gift for someone else’s.