Faux Feather Reed Grass | 21”| Set of Two | Vintage Home


The compact size of the tabletop ivy tree makes it a versatile addition to any space, from your living room coffee table to your office desk or bedroom dresser. The lifelike appearance adds a touch of greenery to urban lifestyles, creating a soothing atmosphere and a connection to nature, no matter where you are.

•Real Touch Technology: Each leaf and vine is designed to mimic the texture of real foliage, offering a sensory experience that sets this faux ivy tree apart from traditional artificial plants.

•Lifelike Appearance: The intricate detailing of the leaves, including color variations and veining, replicates the natural growth of ivy, enhancing the visual appeal and authenticity of the tree.

•Versatile Size: With a height of 24 inches, and width of 18 inches this tabletop ivy tree is perfectly sized for various settings, making it an ideal choice for small spaces, apartments, offices, and more.


•Sturdy Base: The tree is securely placed in a stylish and durable pot, providing stability and ensuring that it remains an elegant focal point in your decor.