Choosing a Faux Agave Plant for Your Home

A native of some of the most temperate regions of the indigenous Americas, agave plants have long been loved for their medicinal qualities and beautiful appeal. The best part about a faux agave plant? Large spaces, small rooms, and even your patio area can all come alive through this one simple inclusion. No matter where you need just a little bit of something extra, an artificial agave plant will be more than capable.


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Tall Artificial Agave with Real Touch | 48" | VH
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Vintage Home Artificial Faux Real Touch 49" Tall Real Touch Agave Plant And Fiberstone Planter
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33.5"H Real touch agave
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Vintage Home Artificial Faux Real Touch 53" Agave Plant
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Vintage Home Artificial Faux Real Touch 53" Agave Plant
From $237.62
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Vintage Home Artificial Faux Real Touch 55" Tall Mexican Cactus
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Can an Artificial Agave Plant Transform Your Space?

A faux agave plant is bold enough to stand alone, all while remaining versatile enough to supplement an existing collection of succulents, cactuses, and other hardy desert plants. Some feature tall trunks; others offer a much more characteristic look, all frond without the fuss. 

Glass orbs, ceramic containers, homestyle wooden hutches, and hemp planters can all offer your fake agave plant its own unique flavor. Depending on the style of your home, consider something beachy, sleek, and modern, or unassuming and minimal that allows the artificial agave plant to dominate the space as the perfect finishing flourish.

Suppose you’ve avoided the prospect of adorning your home with faux plants because you worry they’ll come across as overly fake. In that case, you have little to worry about with us—every fake agave plant under our name is backed by our best-selling Real Touch label, guaranteeing a faux agave plant that looks and feels completely genuine.

Symbolically, agave has historically been used to denote longevity, fertility, excellent health, and carefree joy. As one of the most important staples in ancient Native American herbology, it was cultivated for the last 10,000 years in order to harness its many beneficial qualities…including its natural sweetness. It’s even used to distill tequila and mezcal!

While real agave can grow up to 10 feet tall, our tiny takes on this world-renowned super plant make finding a place for your new artificial agave plant simple. Tuck one away on a small, decorative shelf, or keep one on your desk for a fresh little boost whenever you need one most.

Why You Need a Faux Agave Plant: Large, Small, and Everything in Between

Few species of artificial plants are as universally flattering and attractive as these mellow, easy-going bestsellers. They’re perfect for home projects, DIY decor, or just as a brand-new way to keep things interesting in your space.

For the ultimate in luxury design, we would love to introduce you to the best of our entire fake agave plant collection. Browse today for a taste of something exotic and wonderful, and take a look and feel of your home or office to an entirely new level.