On the hunt for something new? Large fake plants, tall fake trees, and smaller varieties may be just what your space needs.

Whether you’re shopping for your office or home, we’ve got plenty of advice on how to style your space with just the right finishing touch. Which one is best? That depends on your tastes and your aesthetics.

Large Fake Plants? Small Fake Plants? Which Should You Go With?

The best faux plants to buy for your space are always going to be the ones that mimic the real deal perfectly. The material's quality and the manufacturer's skill are obviously crucial factors. Still, the plant's species will also help determine how well it fits.

Some of our favorites include:

So should you get a tall fake bamboo tree? A small faux agave? Let’s break it down by type.

Tall Fake Trees

Is there anything classier than a tall faux tree energizing your living space or bedroom?

Plants with woody bark are easy to emulate and often add a lot of value to your home’s appearance. Palm trees, Bonsai trees, and other exotic trees are especially popular.

Small Fake Plants

Little is more emotionally sustaining than an adorable mini-plant that keeps you company as you work, cook, or chill. We love small fake plants on our desk, our nightstand, and anywhere else where there’s a little surplus space.

A small potted jade plant, faux succulents, and even immaculately manicured fake bonsai trees are invigorating and exciting. Small plants are also quite affordable—if you’re on a budget, these will be the best bang for your buck.

Faux Moss and Other Novelties

If you’re somebody who loves something just a little bit different, oddities like moss, mushrooms, and other unusual specimens can bring a lot to the party. Rarer faux plants may be more difficult to come by, but they offer your home a significantly chicer vibe.

Choosing the Right Large Fake Plants for Your Space

The room you’re hoping to decorate will determine much more than whether you choose tall fake trees or small, compact desk plants. The best part about faux greenery is that the conditions and the climate you live in won’t lock you into one regional group of plants or another.

Small fake plants placed in spaces of your home that don’t receive a lot of natural light, is a great call to make. Accent pieces like fake succulents, bonsai, and ferns provide a pop of freshness and life where there would be nothing. Faux grasses in planters are subtle and soothing, making them perfect for your home office, bedroom, or even bathroom.

A few miscellaneous tips for finding the right faux plants for your indoor space include:

  • Measuring the space before shopping may sound obvious, but the last thing you want are large fake plants too big for the area (or small artificial plants that appear to be comically minuscule in context!).
  • Choosing accent points in every part of your home, like near the foyer entryway or strategic spots throughout your kitchen.
  • Enhancing fake plants (especially tall fake trees!) with the appropriate container; most faux plants come with a generic planter, but you can tailor the look to your home’s decor specifically by finding a planter that fits right in.

As with anything else you invite into your home, pets and children will always be a consideration. If you’ve got a rowdy bunch to look after, options that don’t include stones, dirt, or marbles are probably going to be your best bet—that way, in the event of a disaster, you’ll be able to simply pick up the faux piece and planter, replacing it as it was before. No mess, no problem.

Have It All With Our Catalog of Large and Small Fake Plants

Our collection of fake plants is without rival—shop our favorites today and enjoy an incredible new look for your home, all without the hassle and mess of a real plant.

We love faux plants because they’re low-maintenance and an incredible improvement upon any patch of empty space in your home. If you don’t believe us, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions; trust us when we say that the right faux planter can be a life-changing experience.