The key to decorating with fake grass plants is to echo the vibe of your home. If your home’s interior has a quiet, minimalist style, you can amplify the neutrals in the room’s color palette by incorporating fake grass with varying textures, arrangements, and heights.

5 Tips for Fake Grass for Decoration

A big part of the appeal of fake grass is that it’s easy to manage and looks great in any space, no matter the style of decor.

  1. Keep things simple and minimal—A fake grass plant often looks best in clean, zen-like spaces, so remove clutter before decorating.
  2. Decorate your home in sections—Focus on one section of each room or space at a time. The areas that look best for several types of fake grass for decoration are your mantle, your desk, your bathroom counter, your coffee table, and your kitchen counter.
  3. Focus on one gorgeous statement planter for every area that you’d like to decorate—Unless you’re aiming for Bohemian style with your interiors, it’s best to stick with one statement plant per room to start—you can always incorporate more plants later. Still, too many plants can make a room appear cluttered. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment—Plants are versatile, which is why it’s so easy and fun to decorate with them. Tall, artificial onion grass plants can work equally well in a modern home as they do in a home with a country interior, especially when standing alone.
  5. Have fun with planters—The style of planter you choose for your fake grass plant can make a world of difference when decorating. Colorful planters can infuse your home with character while other varieties, such as weathered beach woods or polished stone planters, offer a more classic look.

Which Fake Grass Plant Type Is Right for Your Home?

There are as many types of fake grass for decoration as there are styles of decor—which one is right for you? If you love full, warm, and inviting environments, consider investing in an entire family of faux grass planters for every corner. However, if you prefer a more tranquil retreat to snuggle into at the end of every day, a solitary statement planter might be the best way to go.

A few of our favorite fake grass plants for every space include:

  • Fresh-looking grass
  • Faux fall foliage grass
  • Flowering grass
  • Artificial onion grass
  • Short, cropped grass
  • Curled grass plants
  • Pampas grass
  • Mixed fake grass arrangements

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It’s amazing how a couple of plants can completely transform a room. Even small artificial plants and grasses add tremendous depth, color, and richness to a space. Our selection of artificial grasses includes dozens of high-quality cultivars, arrangements, and planters perfect for any space.

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