Our homes and what we decide to fill them with are a physical expression of who we are, and much like ourselves, our style and taste are constantly evolving. We change, Seasons change, and so should your plants and planters. It’s a convenient and quick way to switch up your space and add some life to an otherwise dull area.

Planters are a versatile and useful tool for anyone interested in adding some beauty and vitality to any indoor and outdoor space. Our planters come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to suit your different plants and preferences. To help add depth and dimension to any space we offer various styles including fiber-stone, pebble rock, resin, and even eco paper. Available in multiple sizes ranging from thirteen to thirty inches tall with tons of colors to choose from so you can match any decor with ease. 

What our Fiber-Stone planters are made of:

Our most popular planters are made from Fiber-stone; a mixture of fiberglass and crushed stone (usually limestone). Sand, metal fiber, and other heavy elements are sometimes added to the mixture to provide weight and strength for even the heaviest plants. Planters made from fiber-stone are strong and lightweight for their size, though our large and extra-large planters are made to be on the heavy side to add a nice sturdy base for your large plants. Also making it extremely outdoor resistant so you can leave your beautiful new planter outside with ease.

We offer many different beautiful finishes that are versatile and meant to compliment any kind of design style. From Mid- Century to contemporary and even ultra-modern styles you will be sure to find a style that suits you and your home. Not to mention they pair perfectly with any artificial plants you may already have. Browse through our wide variety of planters with ease knowing that the quality and design are top of the line!