Vintage Home Artificial Faux Plastic 10" Tall Succulents In Wooden Pot


The Vintage Home Power Plant doesn’t just add color and elegance to any room, it provides arguably the most sought after modern commodity.

This chic and sleek artificial grass in wooden planter box plus USB charging station is the ideal decor accent for the future. The vibrant exteriors of these faux grass arrangements not only enliven any room or office, they serve as a charging dock with USB ports for up to four electronic devices simultaneously, including iPad and iPhone. Suitable for personal use or commercial (hotel nightstands, work desks, lobbies, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and health facilities), premium quality artificial grass offers years of beauty with virtually no maintenance or upkeep. A mini oasis for home or office.

Add a taste of Nature to your home or office without the upkeep of a real plant while simultaneously charging 4-USB devices 75% faster than a conventional charger.

•Super Fast Charge -75% faster charge than a normal charger and some greenery to your office without the hassle of maintaining it! And why not top it all with 4 USB ports? Nature and Technology combine for a match made in Hygge Heaven!

•Timeless Design a modern aesthetic of the mid-century, turning your head immediately-with clean lines and a modern look that can complement any style in your home

•CHARGES UP TO 4 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY | Including any Apple iPhone or iPad, Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet, and all USB Enabled Devices - Docking Station Keeps a desk and workspace neat and organized.

•Product DIMENSIONS: 16.5 inches H x 8 inches W x 6 inches L From the Top to the bottom

•The HYGGE EXPERIENCE: At Vintage Home, we are dedicated to the spirit of Hygge (hoo-gah), a Danish word used for moments that are intimate, cozy, and special. Our focus is on premium quality and attention to detail. We pass this on and inspire trust and well-being, so order now with confidence!