Tall Faux Cactus in a Gray Planter | 54”| Vintage Home


The beauty of our 54-inch faux cactus is further accentuated by its modern gray planter. The clean lines and neutral color palette of the planter allow the cactus to take center stage, while seamlessly complementing a variety of interior design styles. Whether your space leans towards minimalism or embraces a more Modern farmhouse vibe, the gray planter effortlessly fits in.

  • Dimensions: Cactus alone is a striking 54 inches tall. Overall dimensions (11x11x54)
  • Planter:  Grey finish, enhancing contemporary aesthetics made from 98% recycled materials, is UV protected and frost protected.
  • Realistic Detailing: Intricate design capturing the texture and spines of a genuine cactus, along with small built-in pebbles at the base for an extra polished look.
  • Materials: High-quality color gradient and faux materials used ensuring durability and lifelike appearance.
  • Safe and Pet-Friendly: Unlike real cacti, our faux version is entirely safe for households with pets and children, eliminating the worry of accidental pricks or ingestion.