Faux Artichoke Agave Plant in Grey Planter |48”| Vintage Home


Step into a realm of enchantment with the Whispering Meadows inspired 48-Inch Artificial Reed Grass. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of its ombré feathers and let the harmony of nature redefine your space. Experience the magic today.

•Enigmatic Ombré: The white and lavender ombré palette lends a touch of mystery and grace to your space, invoking a sense of calm and reflection.

•Five Lush Feathers: Adorned with five full feathers, this faux reed grass exudes an air of natural opulence that elevates your interior aesthetics.

•Versatile Black Pot: The small black pot harmonizes with any surroundings, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate this masterpiece into your existing decor.


•Personalized Allure: Elevate your creative expression as you place this faux reed grass in a planter of your choice, making it a uniquely tailored accent.