Artificial Cactus 10” - 2 Pack | Fun Home Decor by Vintage Home


Our 2-Pack Faux Cactus set is a perfect addition to any home. These faux cacti are crafted to capture the essence of bygone eras, bringing a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your space. Each cactus stands at 10 inches tall and measures 3.9 inches wide, ensuring a perfect blend of delicate design and statement-worthy presence.

  • Vintage-Inspired Elegance: Immerse yourself in the past with these faux cacti that evoke the grace of yesteryears, while maintaining a contemporary edge.
  • Dual Delight: The set includes two faux cacti, each designed with distinctive shapes, allowing you to curate your decor with a touch of personal style.
  • Compact Grace: Standing at 10 inches tall and measuring 3.9 inches wide, these cacti seamlessly fit into cozy corners, shelves, or tabletops.
  • Safe and Pet-Friendly: This fake plant offers the beauty of a potentially harmful plant without the risk. Our faux version is completely safe for homes with pets and children, ensuring there's no danger of accidental ingestion.
  • Cream Woven Basket: The cactus comes stylishly potted in a cream colored woven maintenance-free elegance. Add it to your cart today and transform your living spaces with a touch of botanical sophistication.