Faux Feather Reed Grass | 21”| Set of Two | Vintage Home


Whether displayed together as a striking pair or separated to accentuate various corners of your home, our Faux Red Reed Grass Duo is a versatile addition to your decor. Transform your living room, dining area, or office into an autumnal haven that radiates with the spirit of the season.

  • Petite and Elegant: Standing at 21 inches in height, our Faux Reed Grass with its graceful stature, is an exquisite addition to any tabletop, bookshelf, or nook.
  • Thoughtful Design: Meticulously crafted to capture the organic textures and delicate movement of real reed grass, this faux plant offers a lifelike appearance that's second to none.
  • Compact Width: With a width of approximately 10 inches, this faux reed grass plant is perfectly proportioned to fit in a variety of spaces, from cozy corners to open areas.
  • Captivating Focal Point: Each Faux Reed Plant includes three cinnamon red feathers Whether placed alone or as part of an arrangement, the 21-Inch Faux Reed Grass becomes a captivating focal point that enhances your decor.
  • Perfect Gift: Whether for yourself or a loved one, this faux plant makes for a thoughtful and timeless gift that brings a touch of nature's tranquility to any space.