Artificial Fig Tree With Real Touch 61ƒ?� | VH



Our artificial Fig Tree is sure to be a stunningly realistic artificial tree that brings the beauty of nature into any interior space.
Standing at an impressive 61 inches tall, our artificial fig tree is the perfect size to add a touch of greenery to any room. The tree is designed to mimic the appearance of a real fig tree, with intricate attention to detail that makes it virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
The trunk of the tree is made from a textured and realistic-looking material, complete with natural-looking knots and gnarled branches that give it the appearance of an aged and mature tree. The branches are arranged in a natural, organic manner and feature lifelike leaves that are delicately shaped and tinted to mimic the nuances of real foliage.
The leaves are a beautiful shade of green, with subtle variations in color and texture that make them look like they've been plucked fresh from a real fig tree. They are made from a soft, lightweight material that flows and drapes like real foliage, giving the tree a lifelike appearance that will fool even the most discerning eye.
Our Artificial Fig tree is designed to be versatile and fit into a variety of settings, from modern and minimalistic to more traditional or rustic styles. It comes in a sleek, contemporary planter made from a high-quality material that complements the tree's natural appearance.
Overall, it is a beautiful and long-lasting addition to any interior space. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your living room, a touch of greenery for your office, or just a calming presence in your home, this artificial fig tree is the perfect choice!

- Dimensions: 61ƒ?�H X 18ƒ?�W X 18ƒ?�D
- Eco planter included
- Placement: Floor