Fake Cactus | 20” tall | Fun home decor | Vintage Home


This cactus is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home without the hassle of real plants. It is also a great conversation starter and a bold statement of your unique style. It is also very easy to care for, as it does not require any water or sunlight.

  • Realistic Design: Crafted with attention to detail, our faux cactus replicates the texture, color variations, and intricate details of a genuine cactus, fooling even the keenest of eyes.
  • Ideal Height: Standing at 20 inches, this faux cactus is the perfect plant for desktops, shelves and compact spaces.
  • Perfect Width: With a diameter of approximately 9 inches, this cactus strikes a harmonious balance between its height and width, making it a versatile addition to various room settings.
  • Safe and Pet-Friendly: This fake plant offers the beauty of a potentially harmful plant without the risk. Our faux version is completely safe for homes with pets and children, ensuring there's no danger of accidental ingestion.
  • Cream Woven Basket: The cactus comes stylishly potted in a cream colored woven maintenance-free elegance. Add it to your cart today and transform your living spaces with a touch of botanical sophistication.