Six tips to help you get ahead of the trends this Summer with Vintage Home.

Artificial Greenery Spring Trends; The Do’s And Don’ts

As most of us get ready to put away our winter/spring wardrobe and dust off our bright summer attire and décor, let's talk about some things you should be doing and not doing when it comes to filling your home with artificial greenery this Summer.

Tip #1: Now this one might be a no-brainer but realistic looking foliage: faux plants that look and feel like the real thing are becoming increasingly popular. This means using high quality materials to create realistic texture and appearance. We recommend any of our vintage Home Artificial Faux Bamboo trees that are made from real bamboo shoots making them look ultra realistic.

Tip#2: Bold colors. Vibrant and bold colors are hot for spring/summer trends this year. Think deep greens, rich blues, and bright yellows. Just be sure that if you are choosing a bright and vibrant faux plant to pair it with a more neutral planter or one like our 22” Tall Natural Pebble Rock Fiberstone Planter that has small elements of color but an overall natural look to compliment whatever artificial greenery you choose.

Tip#3: Artificial greenery in eclectic and interesting shapes is the biggest trend this summer. Though we love a good traditional fiddle leaf tree we are seeing a rise in plants with long, spiky leaves or unusual branch patterns. Luckily for you Vintage Home carries a wide selection of faux grasses that are just perfect for this trend.


Mixing And Matching                               

The biggest mistake we see people make is exclusively using either faux or real plants but the true beauty and key to having the perfect look is mixing and matching the two.

Combining some fresh pieces into your artificial greenery is a great way to add interest and texture to your arrangement.

Pro tip: 

Try combining

plants of different heights, shapes, and colors to create a visually striking display.


Tip#5: Another don’t that we are leaving behind this spring/summer is purchasing artificial greenery solely for the indoors. Though most people think that spring is when our landscaping finally comes to life it isn’t until the later months of spring when things really start to bloom and if you aren’t careful or meticulous with your plants the summer sun can burn your newly sprung greenery.

 That’s why this year more than ever people are opting for outdoor faux plants. We recommend upgrading your patio or balcony with any of Tall fiber-stone planters for a luxe outdoor vibe.

Tip#6: Our last and most on trend tip; Sustainable materials. Many people are interested in eco-friendly and sustainable décor options. Not only Do we offer an eco- paper planter in a classic design but most of our artificial trees come with one for free.

Whichever tip you decide to follow and incorporate in your home this spring we have all the products you need to stay on trend. Satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t forget to tag us in any photos or videos you take of your new trendy greenery this spring.