Artificial Grass in Black Cement Pot | 2 Packs | 16" | VH


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Our Artificial Grass is designed to replicate the appearance of a real grass plant, with a vibrant and nearly natural green color. The plant is made of high-quality plastic material that is designed to last for a long time without fading or deteriorating.

The grass blades are carefully crafted to look like real grass blades, with various lengths and textures that create a realistic and natural appearance. The plant has a total height of 16 inches, which makes it a perfect size for display on a tabletop, desk, or shelf.

Artificial Grass is a perfect way to incorporate greenery into indoor or outdoor spaces that naturally don’t have a lot of sunlight. They are often used to add a touch of nature to office spaces, homes, and other indoor or outdoor areas where real plants may not thrive. 

Liven up your space with these natural-looking assortments of grass in its contemporary Black Cement Pot. The set of two adds a touch of elegance and symmetry when placed together, however, feel free to place the pots separately as a solo centerpiece for example, or as a bookend on a shelf.

Overall, our Artificial Grass plant is a great option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of a green plant without the hassle of maintenance or watering which eliminates the concern for water damage, trimming, or soil. Making it the perfect plant for a centerpiece on a dining table or in a conference room. Our faux grass plants will finish the room perfectly, providing a warmer and more welcoming environment.


  • These ceramic vases are filled with grass that stands 16" high. An ideal accent plant for any home or office, it offers a unique accent. Makes an ideal housewarming or "grand opening" gift as well.
  • Our customer says "Looks so real! So close to nature, you’ll want to water them! " We source products with a sound and in-depth knowledge of our industry...Nature. This artistic craftsmanship will fool just about anybody!
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 6" L X 6" W X 16" H Measurements are from the bottom of the planter/vase to the furthest extended flower or leaf on the arrangement. Width dimensions are also calculated from each furthest outstretched dimension.
  • No Maintenance Required; No Watering. Looks full and fresh every day; wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Our lifelike plants and trees are intricately detailed and add to the decor of any room - so order now with total confidence!